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7 Cheap Tips to a Gorgeous Kitchen

Are you like me, do you (or did you) have an ugly kitchen??

Thank you for tuning in today because I want to help get you on your way to your own gorgeous kitchen.

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 I have many more than 7 Cheap Tips to a Gorgeous Kitchen; however, as promised I shall keep it to 7, lol.

Let’s be upfront, we all have a budget, sometimes from a few hundred dollars to $100K!

Don’t let a small budget deter you from your dream kitchen.

Let’s start with the “BIG TICKET” items – Countertops, Appliances, & Flooring (we’ll save cabinetry for my next post).

Countertops – Granite & Quartz will take a sizable bite out of your budget in a big way. As a Designer, I see granite although still a popular choice, making a transition more into baths and quartz, a beautiful choice but at a very high price point.  A prominent trend that I do see is one that at every opportunity I take, “Customizing Design” this is an out of the box, perhaps less traditional approach to design a less cookie cutter & more detailed oriented, a catered to the individual needs, & lifestyle.

Do you have less than desirable counter tops, perhaps Formica?

Here are a couple of choices for you to consider.  
A textured paint by Rustoleum, a roll-on product priced under $20 a qt. that is simple to apply and inexpensive, it comes in a variety of pigments. It could be just what you need to hold you over until you can go for your dream counter top.

How about a “Custom” Butcher Block or reclaimed wood surface? It is so unique and functional.

Take a peek at the custom butcher block counter tops in this kitchen design.

Open Kitchen Cabinets Design, Dawn D. Totty Designs

Here’s a thought, do you have a buddy or a neighbor that is handy or a carpenter, that would love to have a few homemade meals, some accounting, or a professional service you or a family member provide? It can’t hurt to ask.

Appliances – All new appliances especially SS for the key pieces can start at $4k if that is not in your current budget, try painting your appliances. Appliance pigments now come in so many options even Stainless steel and the result is surprisingly realistic.                                  

A great option for a dishwasher is to have a custom piece of stainless steel cut and attach to the front of the dish washer.

If your budget allows for a new appliance, I am going to share with you one of my” Best Design Secrets” every appliance store usually have a tucked away in a corner or a warehouse a scratch & dent piece, you say, I don’t want a damaged appliance. Look closely to the photo of the range hood, that was originally priced at $800. and was purchased for this space for a mere $225! I’ve scoured over it many times and still cannot find any damage.

Flooring – Materials & labor can be quite costly depending on your selection.            

That savings can be put to good use elsewhere.

The flooring in this kitchen design is about as custom and inexpensive as it gets. This is another idea I came up with for a client that had a specific budget that did not allow for a major expense for new flooring, but just couldn’t live with her current linoleum flooring, so here is what we did.

We custom-made her a beautiful floor using 5/8″ plywood, yes, plywood, it is easy to work with, inexpensive and can be painted any color of your choice (I used Sherwin Williams floor paint) 2 coats were applied with an overlay of two coats of semi-gloss poly. This entire floor cost under $400 for all of the materials!

Dawn D. Totty Interior Designs, Kitchen

If a quick fix is all you need, area rugs in kitchens are not only very trending but can really warm up a space as well as hide a multitude of sins. These rugs are inexpensive and can easily be removed and changed out in a year if need be due to wear or perhaps you just want to change things up a little.  My suggestion is to look for a natural fiber (sisal) or an indoor/outdoor carpet as they hold up quite well to the demands of everyday life.

I challenge you to take one of these tips or one of your own and start one step at a time to having your own “Gorgeous Kitchen.”

How will you get started? I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

My Best to You,


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