“AMAZING the Origin of Design”

Isn’t it amazing where the origin of Design can stem from, imagination, cultural influences, geography (coastal, mountains, desert), history of trends, such as our current trend, over sized light fixtures, inspired from the 50 s & 60 s. Re-purposing & recycling has had a huge impact on today’s biggest trends, check out this light fixture in a local whiskey distillery here in Chattanooga, TN.  

How innovative, to think, just a few short months ago it was an old dirty barrel !

Isn’t it amazing what the mind can conceive and make it happen !

Customized Design is my Signature !                                                          

Can’t find what you’re looking for, create it yourself, you can do it !

This room was designed for two sports fanatic’s, the custom wall art makes for a great conversation piece !

 I would bet that in your home, somewhere in your closet, basement or even your garage are treasures just waiting to be re-discovered, take a few minutes and you will find something, all it takes is a little imagination and effort.

My original $2.00 garage sale pick !

Honestly, this wasn’t so bad, the refinishing took about 1 hour to sand, stain & spray on poly, 1 1/2 for upholstery, total cost- $42. !

The next time were all out and about shopping, dining or just walking through our own neighborhoods, keep your eyes on all the unique ways we all apply or own ideas. We’ll probably be amazed by how much we all re-purpose or re-design what some might think of as no longer of value, others will create something really fun & functional out of it.

What fun ideas do you have in mind for future projects or even completed projects, please do share, we all love to see a custom created Design !!

My Best to You,


Dawn D Totty Interior Designs is available for online, onsite, and global interior residential & commercial design. To schedule your custom design consultation contact Dawn at (615) 339-9919 or ddtotty@comcast.net.

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