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An Interior Designers Secret

I don’t know of a designer or savvy client that wouldn’t agree, the secret to a beautifully designed space hinges on one key ingredient, details!
It’s so true, if we removed all of the details such as textiles, hardware, light fixtures, etc…what a challenge it would be to create a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing space. Here are just a few examples:

All of these colorful textiles make for a happy and inviting bedroom for most anyone!  Bedding custom-designed by Dawn D Totty designs.

Simply Staging a cabinet with eclectic pieces can create a fun whimsical element to a room.

The perfect piece or wall art doesn’t always present itself, try customizing it to compliment the rooms design. Custom wall art by Dawn D Totty Designs

Dawn D Totty Interior Designs is available for online, onsite, and global interior residential & commercial design. To schedule your custom design consultation contact Dawn at (615) 339-9919 or ddtotty@comcast.net.

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