Curb Appeal Is Critical

If your selling your home then it is now a commodity. Think back to when you were searching through hundreds of listings, which ones stood out and which homes you wouldn’t even consider viewing! Here is a great before example of an exterior design in Chattanooga of why curb appeal matters.

Every Realtor I know would suggest, poor curb appeal reduces the number of home showings. This time of year there are more homes in the running (more inventory) therefore more competition (prior to upgrades, this one was on the market for 12 months). Make yours really stand out.

Great curb appeal = more showings!!      

Here are a few of my “Top Tips” to create great curb appeal:

  • Rid your property of every weed possible and load up with Preen, my miracle go-to for anyone who detests weeding. It will end your weed pulling days for up to 3 months.
  • Pop in colorful flowers and or shrubs.
  • Apply a thick layer of mulch (bulk is much more cost-effective. Mulch is a great way to finish off your garden as well as reduce watering and weeds.
  • Add a colorful chair or bench for staging (they look great in photos).
  • Add pathway lights and a few directed at the home as statistically, most home buyers will do a drive-by at night.
  • Install new house numbers to the home, mailbox, fence, or wherever it will be seen clearly by potential buyers.
  • One of the “first” things a buyer will see will be your mailbox, it’s funny how many times I arrive for consultations and that is just an area easily overlooked by homeowners.
  • After all of your hard work, be certain your home’s exterior and interior photos are pristine, so your home is beautifully presented online.

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