CUSTOMIZE Your Own Designs

“CUSTOMIZE ” Your Own Designs

 And here’s how…….

Have you ever entered a room and thought, hey, this looks a little like a furniture store?

That may sound funny, but the truth is, many times when we set out to redo a space more often than not, much of the furniture is purchased (in one location) from a sales clerk at a furniture store.  A good example – think of “Rooms to GO”, where much of the thinking can be done for you, not much opportunity to create or ” Customize your own Designs” to your lifestyle.

Customizing furniture, pillows, window treatments to your life style can be great fun! What a great way to make a room really shine!

Dawn D Totty Interior Designs is available for online, onsite, and global interior residential & commercial design. To schedule your custom design consultation contact Dawn at 615.339.9919 or

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