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How Do You “Sea” Design?

What life experiences have you had that may influence your Design tastes?

How Do You “SEA” Coastal Design?

Having just returned from Sarasota, FL. (a place if you haven’t been, please consider it, “Best Beaches in U.S. & great food) has really inspired me to share my design experience with you all!  

Have you ever really thought about how your part of the world can really influence how you dress, how you design your own home or office, even what kind of car we drive? One of the first things I noticed when I left my home state of N.Y. (where you see more black cars & clothing, as intense heat is a non-issue) to the sunny south was, wow, look at all of the white cars! It may sound silly, but everywhere we go, if we have an open desire, you shall see the sometimes subtle differences in culture and at times drastic differences in design. For example – Coastal Design as seen in these pic’s are designed to be a compliment to the sea, light & bright pigments paired with natural textiles such as linens and grass fibers in area rugs, lampshades, etc…Metals are frequently used with a chrome or brass finish, throw in a starfish or two and your good to go!

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Light bright pigments are a compliment to any seaside design.

Sea pigments, white, grey’s, blues, neutrals in sand & beige, are all beautiful color choices for a seaside feel to design.

This outdoor oasis has been transformed from an old dingy brownish-grey deck to what appears to be a sandy beach with a Cabana (a former carport) with outdoor custom DDT curtains!

Inland Design has influences from the beauty of the mountains and or desert. Wood is often utilized in many ways, for example, flooring, countertops, ceilings as well as custom paneling on walls. Metals most frequently used are rubbed bronze, copper, iron & nickel finishes. Textiles favor patterned prints with deeper rusty reds, greens & beige/brown neutrals. This earthy influence has a timeless and warm feel, cozy and comfortable, with upholstered or leather furniture that you can hardly resist curling up with a good book or to sneak in a quick nap.

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Woods, iron, coppers all work nicely in a natural earthy Design. The world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright has had and continues to have his influence in this natural earthy setting with his Arts & Crafts movement (Mission-style furniture) that is alive and well in many cities still today, Illinois, N.Y. Arizona and even on the very street I live, the only of his Designs in Chattanooga, TN.

All Design Lovers agree, our childhood, our present, our cultural experience has a place in our Love of Design and how we apply it!  Deep down we all have our favorite Design influences.

How do you “SEA Design” and how have your life experience shaped the way you have designed your own home? As always, I can’t wait to hear all about it !

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