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Kitchen Cabinetry, “OPEN or CLOSED” ?!

Hello All of you Design Sisters!

When you think of kitchen cabinetry, do you think of it with solid front doors, open fronts or wall mounted shelving?

How open minded are you to open concept shelving? If we stop and think about it, the entire concept of the open floor plan is fairly new. Most traditional floor plans started with multiple smaller rooms, as they were easier to heat or not heat, lifestyles were quite a bit more basic and families were larger with more children requiring more bedrooms. Current lifestyles & functionality have been a huge factor in the overall change in home design. The concept of open cabinetry is just like the open floor plan and it is taking hold as one of the top trends in kitchen design.

So, the question of the day, Do you prefer Solid Cabinet doors or Open Concept shelving and why ?? I have heard many opinions and this is what the consensus appears to be……

Open Concept Shelving –

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