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Landscaping, Can YOU Dig It ?!

Hey, Design Lover’s, I have to ask you an honest question,  are you one who focuses on the interior of your home while as we speak, your exterior’s appearance looks like it could be the sister of the Bates Motel, LOL?!

Have you seen this before?!

Seriously, if you have a shovel and in my case, an OK back (haha), your curb appeal, aka, landscape, is a direct indication of what passer’s bye may imagine your interior mirrors.

I can promise you one thing, in this case, the exterior mimicked the interior, but, not anymore!

Do you too, love a lush garden, but do not wish to pay top dollar to have one, would you believe you can have a beautifully appointed garden for a minimal investment?

Yes, I’m really serious, all of these beautiful flower’s cost a total of $2 .50! A few extra’s were added from another garden for structure.

You can have the most magnificent garden imaginable and here’s how!

·         Ask your friends & neighbors if they would like to exchange plants, a little snippet from your garden and a little from theirs

·         Transplant what you have, all perennials & annuals multiply in no time at all and can really contribute to other areas of your landscape

·         One of the best ways to have a gorgeous garden without the huge expense is to plant flower seed (right now is a good time, that is if you live in a moderate climate)

·         Buy your plants off-season when the garden stores are nearly giving them away

·         Plant bulbs vs an already bloomed potted plant, the price point is much lower

A little imagination and a lot of effort can really transform your exterior/curb appeal and usually for a very low price point. If you are considering selling (the 1st thing a potential buyer will see, your exterior) your home or just hoping to spruce it up a bit, why not give some good thought to your home or office exterior, just a few days work “will make a world of difference”

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