Let there be (just the right) ”LIGHT “

How does light effect a rooms design ? Lighting can truly make or break any space, think of an intimate quite restaurant with bright garish lighting or a kitchen with dark shadows to cook by. Just the right amount of light in a room is of great value.

Think of lighting as jewelry, it is the enhancement of a rooms design. Now a days we have a plethora of lighting options from chandeliers (antique or modern), pendant lighting, floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, LED’s, rope & solar lighting, the list goes on…..

One of the “biggest trends” now is “over-sized” light fixtures, they have made a huge come back from the 70’s and can really add drama or whimsy to any design.

I personally love LED’s, they give off a bright clear light (no yellow) and cost very little in energy, the bulbs are a higher price point, but they last much longer and use on pennies a day.

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