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While enhancing property value, and affordably designing spaces to reach their full potential. Whether home or commercial renovation, she has been successfully meeting individual needs and bringing personal visions to life, everywhere she goes. Dawn knows each and every client has their vision of what a beautiful home or a productive business environment looks like. From traditional to contemporary, to transitional, to eclectic, and to everything in between, she customizes designs that reflect the client, rather than the interior designer. “I see myself as a problem solver,” says Totty, who often hears the word “overwhelmed” when she first meets clients who are in need of her assistance. “My design doesn’t happen when I walk through a door, it begins when I pull in the driveway,” she adds.

As part of Totty’s experience, she knows how to maximize natural light, as well as how to maintain the integrity and charm of each home or commercial space, while doing needed updates. Saving both time and money is always an utmost priority in each of Dawn’s projects. In addition to her aesthetic talents and undeniable creativity lies the mind of an entrepreneur. Totty isn’t just a designer but has a background as a real estate investor with a highly favorable track record. She has been known to make sizable profits off of her investments. Her extensive experience has trained her to know what buyers see.

She knows today’s buyers are well-educated with specific expectations and she knows the challenges one can have about being objective about their own property. Getting top dollar and sold in the ticket time possible is the primary goal! As a well-rounded professional, she has been awarded the “Top Designer Awarded” as well as “Best Service Aware” in the “Best of Houzz for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017! Impressively, the designer picked recipients of these honors account for only 3% of the 135,000 professional designers on Houzz. Joining Totty’s Houzz recognition is her “Super Service Awards” with Angie’s list in both 2014 and 2015.

Again, Totty was among the 3% of Angie’s list recipients chosen for these awards. Additionally, the Huntsville Realtor Association awarded her complete home renovation & design the #1 awarded out of the 15 homes in the running (a few of the homes were valued at double the price of the home she designed.)

Also included on Dawn’s resume are 8 photographs in Vogue magazine. Both photos of Dawn’s designs and of her as a model. Totty also has designs featured in Nashville Interiors Magazine, CityScope, VIE Magazine, & House Beautiful. Despite her clear, success, Dawn D Totty remains humble and reachable to a diverse array of clients. Her heart for others, as well as her experiences of working with all backgrounds from the east to the west coasts, positively sets her apart in an ever-competitive business.

As a multifaceted lover of the arts, the current Chattanooga resident’s design career began in N.Y. in the fashion industry where she worked with top modeling agencies as a personal designer, stylist, consultant, and professional speaker. She has attended the Interior Design Institute as well as The Staging Diva in Toronto, Canada.

Dawn D Totty Interior Designs is available for online, onsite, and global interior residential & commercial design. To schedule your custom design consultation contact Dawn at (615) 339-9919 or

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