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Despite her success, Dawn D Totty remains humble and accessible to all her clients. A lover of fashion and the arts, Dawn began her design career in the New York fashion industry where she worked with top modeling agencies as a Designer, Stylist Consultant, and Professional Speaker. She is a graduate of the Interior Design Institute as well as the Staging Diva Institute in Toronto, and continually advances her training. Throughout her career, Dawn has lived out her passion in designing people, places, and spaces, and found a way to creatively tie fashion and interior design together.

“The way you dress isn’t any different than interior design,”” she insists.
“My design experience has been one of a wide range and beautiful mix of people from all around the world.”


Relationship:  Colleague

Dawn is Top Notch!  Her work is inspiring and BEAUTIFUL!  You can tell her passion for her work through her designs. 
I am always looking for pictures of her next job.  I think I am addicted to her style! 🙂


Relationship:  Client

Our 1994 home was in desperate need of updating.  I was so overwhelmed, I had no idea where to start.  After reading Dawn’s reviews, I decided to give her a call.  By the end of her initial appointment, we had decided on paint colors for our kitchen, cabinets, breakfast room, living room, foyer, upstairs hallway and master suite, discussed specific ideas for light fixtures throughout the house, discussed options for new flooring in our downstairs living areas, and gone over specific ideas for new living room furniture.  WE hired a painter whom Dawn recommended, and he did a fabulous job.  I asked Dawn to go shopping with me, and after just a few short hours, we had selected a new living room furniture and several light fixtures (which is an amazing feat, since I’m usually a very indecisive shopper!)  Dawn never waster time and was always very mindful of our budget.  She came up with quick inexpensive ideas for each room that had an immediate impact.  She literally transformed our outdated house into a beautiful sanctuary that I am proud to call my home!  WE couldn’t be happier with the results.  Our friends and neighbors love it – they can’t believe the difference!  Thank you, Dawn!  We never could have achieved this without your patient, always understanding guidance!  You’re an absolutely amazing designer and person!!!


Relationship:  Client

Dawn came to my house three times to help with both planning and executing staging, and also went shopping with me to buy some things for the house.  She was easy to work with, had great ideas, was a hard-worker, and was very budget-conscious in terms of what to buy.  I look forward to hearing her again to decorate my next home!

I originally met Dawn on consultation.  I was very impressed and asked her to complete a living room project for me.  It was completed on time.  Dawn is a wealth of information!  I truly learned a lot.  She is always available to answer any questions.  Dawn has an excellent eye for detail.  She did a fantastic job on my house!  Her custom pillows are wonderful!
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