Three Benefits of Including a Focal Wall in Your Design.

A focal wall in a nutshell, is one wall painted or papered in a different pigment from the others, usually darker or bolder in color.

Why do Designers implement focal walls in Design, and when?

Focal Walls can also balance out odd lines or shapes in a room such as this very angular ceiling line, the shorter wall has been painted with a soft white to soften the line between the ceiling and the window wall, and a deeper shade has been used to create a better balance as well as a touch of drama to this well-lit space (avoid dark pigments for northern exposed spaces).

Focal walls are also a great option for those who are apprehensive to use a dark or bold color. one wall vs four is usually a more comfortable choice!

Focal walls, a great way to introduce color, drama, whimsy, create balance or camouflage in any rooms Design, have some fun and try it !

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