Tons of Tips for Tiny Spaces!!

This is one of my favorite design topics. Tiny or small spaces affect most of us at either home and/or the workplace and they are certainly one of my client’s biggest challenges.

1) In the photo above is a great example of what to do when you desire an entertainment area but have little or no extra space to dedicate to it so, go vertical! This all custom wine bar was put together in no time.

2) Here is another fun option, a rolling cart! This one was in disrepair when found but within an or hour two, it now looks as good as it did in the 50s! These handy carts may be used for towels in a bath, a dessert cart, or as a game station in a bonus or family room.

Restored Vintage Bar Cart & Staged by Dawn D Totty Designs

3) Keep the furniture to scale. Small spaces cannot handle a big dose of furniture. Keep in mind the size of your room and select your pieces according to the amount of floor space you have. This is one of the biggest dilemmas I see clients find themselves in. This chair is a good fit for a smaller space vs chairs with high backs and wide bodies with heavy arms. Caution, purchase carefully, returns are a bummer.                                
Fabric by             

4) One of my best-kept secrets is…. a wall nook. I implement them whenever I am designing a small space. Nooks add a great unexpected touch of drama as well as functionality to any room. This photo shows an antique custom mirrored backing to show off pretty bottles and to enlarge the space, every little bit counts!

 5) One of the very best ways to give the illusion of a larger space is to create a monochromatic look from the ceiling to floor, here is a fine example. Everything we see with the exception of a few small pieces is all carefully selected in a soft cream color.

6) As I always say when it comes to bathroom mirrors, “Go BIG or Go Home”. A small powder room such as this can nearly double in size when an over-sized mirror is included in the design.

7)  My last Tiny Space Tip: Be bold and a bit dramatic in any small space where it is expected least! Powder rooms, closets & laundry rooms are some of my favorite spaces to go bold. Remember, your time spent is minimal so give it a try!

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