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What is “HOME STAGING” Anyway?

What is “Home Staging” anyway? A question I have heard more than once and suspect I will again.

This before staging design took very little time and cost! Implementing a few items such as light linen window treatments, pillows & decluttering!

After Bedroom Staging

Put simply, Home Staging is Designing a home or office “to sell” or to customize it to the desired look of the owner’s lifestyle.

Honestly would we sell our cars without detailing them thoroughly first, don’t we ALL want top dollar for our investments?

Statistically, the return is far greater than the costs of Staging, for example: Imagine two identical homes on the same street (and with the rapid home building growth, this is more frequent these days) in the same condition, one is beautifully Staged and the other is not, the odds are obviously in favor of the beautifully Staged home.  Here is an example of an un-staged vs a staged master suite.

Dawn D Totty Designs Staged Master Suite Design Chattanooga, TN

Not all buyers can envision a space completely decorated if it is empty or cluttered.

Just looks like a big blue room to most.

The Do’ & Don’ts….

1. Do the obvious, unclutter.

2. Don’t assume we all have the same taste, I love my fathers antique toy collection, because I love him so, but not every one will, Keep everything light & simple, white towels, bed linens, light curtains (pulled back to expose window & allow as much natural light as possible)

3. Do leave a family photo or two (not 10, LOL), it may surprise you to know buyers want to see who they are considering buying their next home from.

4. Don’t forget the little thing such as, your frig, desk top, dish washers, dry lint traps, closets even top drawers, I promise you peeps do peek!

5. Do be sure the outside of your home looks as good if not better than it’s interior, if buyers like the thumbnail pic which should always be an exterior shot of your home, they will schedule an appointment to view it. Small touches perhaps a new entrance mat, fresh mulch, trimmed bushes & trees (always keep at or below bottoms of your windows), all weeds removed, new or painted mail box.

Before and After Home Exterior Upgrade

All new paint, fencing, landscaping, glass door and window

     6. Don’t take it personal, I have bought and sold enough homes in 5 states to say it is universal, buyers want it all (including me, haha), in today’s world of HGTV & numerous TV shows that are not always 100% based on real life situations.

Oh, and one last little tip – Outdoor entertaining area’s are very desirable to today’s buyers, grab some of that old outdoor furniture out of the shed and revive it with a fresh coat of Rustoleum http://www.rustoleum.comspray paint a few new pillows and some colorful potted plants.

Staged Front Porch, Exterior Designs, Dawn D Totty Designs

So in a nutshell, “what is Staging anyway”, it’s “Money in the Bank” a good return on your “Biggest” investment.

Will you be staging your home to sell or to suit YOU and your lifestyle? I’ll be waiting to hear how you will begin.

My Best to You Always!


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